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Christina Pilkington from local fashion boutique Ninja and Jhi said the knowledge and skills she learned from the program have been invaluable.

"I chose to complete the Digital Enterprise Program offered by the Australian Government in conjunction with Wagga City Council and TAFE as I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to increase my knowledge and understanding of the digital world and also gain an insight as to how I could implement online strategies to help grow my business," she said.

"Since completing the program I have implemented a new digital marketing campaign and launched an online shop "The theoretical and practical knowledge I gained from the Digital Enterprise Program has been invaluable and I would absolutely recommend it to any business owner."
"The program covered the wide range of digital opportunities that are available for businesses, from networking to marketing to online security," Christina said.

"We were then given individual assistance to identify the digital options that best suited our personal business needs and objectives, and finally how to implement and manage these."

Ninja and Jhi

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