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The Digital Enterprise Program has given RIC Electrics the spark to improve all aspects of their business.

"RIC Electrics has a website, which had been updated a couple of years ago but not maintained," Andrew Dwyer said.

"Participating in the Digital Enterprise Program gave us ideas to improve our efficiency using different online tools, safety and security of our online services, upgrading and maintaining our website, the importance of viewing and analysing results from our website page, different ways of accepting payments."

RIC Electrics had two groups of employees participate in the program from different areas of the business and varying skill levels and understandings of technology.
After completing the program, the groups have combined to share the different ideas they learned as part of the program.

"We are reviewing and pricing up changes for our website based on the analytic results, to get maximum exposure when using the site," Andrew said.

"We are also exploring online job management software to reduce paperwork and manual processing.
"Working together with our two groups was also beneficial to employee morale and brought fresh ideas from within different parts of our business."

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