The initial build stage of the National Broadband Network (NBN) for Wagga Wagga has already begun - the city is the first point of construction in the Riverina. The NBN is a fibre optic connection that will enable users to access world class, high speed broadband - core infrastructure of the new century. This type of connectivity is an essential tool for Wagga Wagga's businesses to remain competitive and continue to grow in sync with the rest of the world. Work is scheduled to be completed in mid 2015.

Key features affecting Wagga Wagga include:

• Employment of hundreds of local contractors during construction in the city, providing employment opportunities for local citizens.
• The NBN Fibre to the premise network will include the Bomen Business Park.
• Enabling healthcare providers to diagnose, monitor and provide ongoing care to patients remotely, saving time and money for those who currently need to travel long distances to receive health care.
• Increased education opportunities by improving the accessibility of the services offered by schools, university or educational institutions.
• Enhancing the ability of small businesses to trade and access markets both nationally and internationally.


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