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Wagga Wagga's economic environment provides an excellent place for businesses to develop and prosper, with great potential for growth limited only by your imagination. 

The resiliance of the City's economy is evidenced by its positive performances during tough economic times such as the Global Financial Crisis, where Wagga Wagga maintained relatively low unemployment rates and continued labour force growth.

In the most recent business survey covering all businesses contributing to the City's economy, it was recorded that participants were most satisfied with access to the neccessary utilities such as electricity, gas and water. In the same survey, access to transport infrastructure such as the Wagga Wagga Airport and National Highways linking the City with the rest of Australia were also noted as being important to business success. 

Considering the excellent available infrastructure that exists in the City and the large potential market - approximately servicing a 160,000 person retail catchment area, Wagga Wagga is an attractive place to set up and grow your business. 



Doing business can be difficult. To make it easier, utilise these resources.

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Successful Local businesses give an insight into working and living in Wagga Wagga.

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Network locally, nationally and internationally with help from these organisations.

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Throughout the global economic downturn, Wagga Wagga maintained relatively low unemployment rates and continued labour force growth.

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Great opportunities exist for businesses looking to relocate and take advantage of the strengths of Wagga Wagga, such as a young, educated workforce.

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Wagga Wagga City Council now offers a wide range of online services to assist customers with their Council business dealings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Wagga Wagga is ideally located to position itself as a major exporter of goods and services now and into the future.

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The AusIndustry Research & Development Tax Incentive Program provides targeted R&D tax offsets designed to encourage more companies to engage in R&D.

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