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The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is proud to introduce [In]Sight - the nation's first online index and interactive map tracking the competitiveness of Australia's 560 Local Government Areas (LGA) and 55 Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions.

[In]Sight spans ten themes and 59 indicators specifically tailored to reflect the fundamentals of sustainable growth in Australia, capturing the competitiveness of LGAs and RDAs according to current economic performance and drivers of future success.

The Riverina has been deemed highly competitive against 54 other regions on a scale ranking a number of economic, environmental and infrastructure factors.

The Riverina is ranked as high as 16th (for economic fundamentals) and as low as 49th (for natural resources) in a study undertaken by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI).

The study, which was also broken down into local government areas, found Wagga ranked highly in a number of key areas against 560 councils across the nation.

The study found Wagga:

  • Ranked 64th for infrastructure and essential services, which includes access to aviation, tertiary and higher education services;
  • 92nd for human capital, a measure of the capabilities and skills of a region's workforce; and,
  • 127th for public institutions, including public services, local government expenditure and the number of development applications lodged. 

Fifty-nine indicators were used to capture the underlying drivers of sustainable growth in Australia, ranging from unemployment, proximity to major infrastructure, internet connectivity, natural assets and small business income.

A key pointer to Wagga's - and the Riverina's - success in the study was because of the Defence force facilities and a Charles Sturt University campus being based in the city. 
The centres lured many people to study and work in the area and added significant economic value to Wagga.

"(The study) enables us to not just understand what the strengths and weaknesses of Australia's individual regions are, but how they stand up nationally," RAI chief executive Su McCluskey said.
"All of Australia's regions have the potential for positive growth and change. We can now shift away from making decisions about regional Australia in a vacuum, to developing properly informed, localised approaches to development."





Wagga Wagga

Infrastructure & Essential Services  28 64
Institutions  23 127
Technological Readiness  39 170
Human Capital  19 92
Economic Fundamentals  16 164
Business Sophistication  39 301
Labour Market Efficiency  20 292
Innovation  47 121
Natural Resources  49 507
Market Size  37 378


For more information, visit   insight.regionalaustralia.org.au


(Source : The Daily Advertiser, June 29, 2013 and regionalaustralia.org.au)

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